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30+ years of experienceWide range of areas of ExpertiseHighest Satisfaction RatesTrustable, Honest, DependableYou Can Rely on Arizona Auto Inspectors!

30+ years of experience

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Wide range of areas of Expertise

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Highest Satisfaction Rates

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Trustable, Honest, Dependable

You Can Rely on Arizona Auto Inspectors!

Arizona Auto Inspectors


Welcome to Arizona Auto Inspectors

You think you found that special vehicle you just have to have? It seems like a good deal. But it’s in Arizona and you have no way to inspect it for yourself. That’s where Arizona Auto Inspectors comes in. We specialize in vehicle pre purchase inspections in the Arizona area.

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We are here to give you peace of mind when buying that dream car. There are a lot of good people in our hobby. But it’s the unscrupulous that make it scary. And people’s description of what’s really a nice car may differ from yours.

Pictures can be very deceiving!  I know this first hand as a 40+year veteran of the car business. Is it really a rust free car or have half the panels been replaced or patched up. Was the work done correctly or just butchered up? Does this car even exist? Is it even the vehicle the pictures?  Every older car has a story. Every buyer has their own set of expectations.

At Arizona Auto Inspectors it is my job to crawl around that vehicle like I’m looking at it for myself, Just like I’ve done hundreds of time before. And then report back to you what I see.

My references speak for themselves. I have sold every one of them cars over the phone on my description of a vehicle for many years. At the auctions they said Jeff knows how to call a car. Quite an accomplishment in the used car business.

Keep in mind if we are looking at a later model vehicle you can not always rely on a Carfax  or Autocheck. I have seen numerous vehicles which show no previous accidents on the report and they have been clearly wrecked.

There are other inspection companies out there. Most have inspectors fill out an online questionnaire. Answer the questions right and boom you’re a certified inspector! Really? I am from the blood sweat and tears busted knuckle club.

My inspection may confirm what the seller/owner said is true and you’re good. On the other hand    I may save you a very costly and disappointing purchase.

For a minimal charge you can hire me to be your experienced eyes and ears.

Please scroll through our website and see what Arizona Auto Inspectors is all about.

Thank you, and we look forward to your business.

Jeff Saunders

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Jeff Saunders – Classic Car Inspector

  • In Car Business 40+ Years
  • Owned Auto Dealership
  • Restores Cars
  • 100% Feedback on Ebay Sales



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